NPORS S029 – Construction Site Supervisor Training Course

NPORS S029 – Construction Site Supervisor Course Content

  • Health & Safety Legislation and specific regulations
  • Explain the requirements of occupational health and safety management system and outline how to develop and maintain health and safety management system
  • Develop risk assessments and method statements to ensure a safe place of work
  • Describe how to complete statutory inspections, carry out safety checks and monitoring of construction sites for compliance
  • Describe accident reporting (including relevant legislation), specific injuries and ill health that may occur in the construction industry
  • Explain how proactive leadership and engaging with workforce can aid with protecting employees in the construction industry
  • Explain the emergency procedures and first aid requirements for a construction site and how to actively manage them
  • Explain how to identify and handle hazardous substances associated with working on construction sites
  • Outline the risks asbestos pose to health and the basic legal requirements to manage the risks
  • Explain steps to be taken to ensure health and welfare of workers in the construction industry
  • Outline the main factors to be introduced when controlling worker exposure from dust and fumes on a construction site
  • Explain how to control exposure to noise and vibration risks for construction workers
  • Outline how to properly undertake work tasks when manually lifting and moving loads
  • Identify issues and influences that must be considered when setting up a construction site
  • Identify the dangers of electricity and safe working practises for working on or near to live electrical circuits with electrical tools and equipment
  • Explain the factors required to ensure the control and management of construction plant, associated transport and general work equipment on construction sites
  • Identify the basic requirements for safe lifting operations on construction sites, the lifting equipment and lifting accessories required and the main key points that are required to ensure safety
  • Describe the main requirements for working safely at height
  • Describe the hazards and appropriate control measures that must be introduced for excavation tasks
  • Describe how to locate, identify and plan for work near overhead services and underground services
  • Identify the main fire hazards and identify basic requirements for fire safety on site
  • Describe the main hazards and associated risks when carrying out work in confined spaces
  • Describe the role and main duties of temporary work supervisors
  • Describe the role of construction site safety supervisor regarding awareness of environmental issues on site
  • Describe the role of construction site safety supervisor in pollution prevention
  • Explain environmental damage and how this can occur from improper management or the mixing of waste materials
  • Explain what construction site supervisor can do to help reduce the nuisance dust and noise emitted from construction sites and processes etc.

NPORS S029 – Construction Site Supervisor Course Aims

First line managers – those who have, or are about to acquire supervisory responsibilities who require an understanding of legal responsibilities relevant to their work activities.
The course provides a sound knowledge base enabling them to give valuable assistance in safely managing a construction site.

NPORS S029 – Construction Site Supervisor Course Requirement

2 Days

NPORS S029 – Construction Site Supervisor Examination Board

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