Ian Bradley

Prior to setting up Total Construction Training Ian managed Training Centres for two of the country’s largest Plant Training Companies. He wanted, however, to improve upon the experiences of his customers and drive up the standards of Plant and Health & Safety training across the UK. He felt there was a clear need for a Plant Training provider which would offer good quality, open courses in all the most popular categories, whilst ensuring great value, competitive prices.

Ian wanted Total Construction Training to commit to;

  • Ensuring regular open courses at convenient locations across the UK with great value, competitive prices.
  • Providing knowledgeable members of staff with many years’ experience in Health & Safety Training who respond to enquiries & queries the same day.
  •  Sending out joining instructions and pre course study material at the time of booking.
  • Ensuring all Instructors are fully qualified to deliver the courses, with the knowledge and experience needed on that particular piece of plant.
  • Course results being emailed the following day accompanied with an achievement letter or feedback if a course is not achieved.
  • Certificates sent out as soon as a course has been completed and we have received this from the awarding bodies.

Tel. 01527 893076 ian@totalconstructiontraining.co.uk

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