“Hinkley Point’s female workers smash stereotypes”

BBC News took interviews of women in the construction industry who want to crush the stereotype’s made against women in this industry!

Stacey Sowden works as a steel fixer,  in a male-dominated industry being the “only female in her team”,  as the construction industry only have 13%  of their workers being women.

Working on nuclear reactors,  in 2017 reports show 28% of the civil nuclear industry were women, which has fallen to below 15% for engineering roles.

Ms Hussain is a trainee reactor operator,  who will soon be a fully a qualified reactor operator. When Ms Hussain stared in the nuclear industry she was one of 3 women out of 200 employees.  “As a woman and person of color it has sometimes felt more difficult and feels like a male-dominated world.”


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