Great start to the year!

We’ve kicked off the new year with a  jam-packed January, despite the gloom of the January blues! Full courses and high pass rates have lead to lots of happy customers.


We would like to wish good luck to all attending our Crane supervisor and Slinger Signaller courses next week, with hopes our high pass rates continue.


With only one week left till February,  availability is limited on our courses, so book now to avoid missing out! Our next Crane supervisor and Slinger Signaller courses are on the 27th of February, for further information contact us on 01527 893076


A40 Slinger Signaller

January 19, 2023

“Seb was very experienced and knowledgeable in slinging, he was understanding and very helpful for the slower learners and it was a pleasure for him to be the tutor.”

Hugh. P



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