Karen Parker

Karen joined us  having spent 12 years within the Motor Industry Retailer Network, working mainly within Prestige Brands such as Land Rover, Jaguar, Volkswagen and Audi.  Her role before she joined us was as Group Aftersales Manager looking after the operational and process side of 9 Aftersales Departments.  She was also responsible for the set up and extremely well run Contact Centre within The Colbornes Group dealing with some 3500 calls a week.

During her time in the motor trade Karen became known for her ability to troubleshoot areas of the business and streamline process with the right balance between managing people and process.  Following a Group buy out Karen decided it was time for a change and having known Ian for 8 years took the opportunity to join Total Construction Training and bring her skills to head up our Administration, Accounts and HR functions.

Tel. 01527 893076 karen@totalconstructiontraining.co.uk

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